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Kosmos helps you attract industry partners, collaborators, media and recruit graduate students with experts directory built for American and Canadian universities and colleges

Universities and colleges redefining faculty promotion

Key Benefits of Expertise Finder Experts Directories

Build your brand

Improve your marketing and PR metrics​ by increasing your institution’s visibility, citation rate, brand recognition, and marketing ROI.

Increase revenue

Be found more often by private sector partners and students looking for colleges to apply to.

Media attention

Journalists want a tool to quickly identify potential experts. It needs to be available 24/7. The universities and colleges that provide it are preferred sources. The result is greater earned media.

Partnerships and collaborations

Expertise focused search leads to being found more often by industry partners, researchers and potential graduate students.

Empower staff

Our directories quickly become a go to resource for faculty and staff. Staff can accurately direct inquiries (fewer emails to busy faculty), organize events and more.

Easy setup, budget friendly

Launch your new faculty experts directory in two weeks. Flat monthly rate. No contract. No IT required. We work with your staff to create the initial profiles (at no extra charge).

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Professors, staff, industry partners and journalists love the simplicity of our directories.

Our faculty expertise management and discovery software is easy to set up and manage. It has been built from the ground up to suit the needs of universities and colleges. For example, we support cross appointed faculty.

No IT is required. Directories are cloud hosted, scale seamlessly, and are accessible via a subdomain of your choosing. They work on all devices and browsers.

Our online directories combine sleek and comprehensive profile pages at the front and a Google-like search engine powering the backend.

See Customer Case Studies.

What Sets Us Apart

Learn what our users and customers tell us not to change.

Stop investing in internal tools or expensive third party tools that in the end few use.

Don't change the search bar!

‘Google like’ search is the #1 reason users come back again and again to the directories we power.

Whether they’re working at a university or college or looking for an expert from a higher education institution, our users tell us not to touch the instant relevant results and clean look.

Our search engine uses Solr, which is built on the open-source Apache Lucene. Solr powers the search and navigation features of many of the world’s largest internet sites.

Easy to manage, intuitive to use

Edit, add, hide and delete profiles in real time from any device. Our profile management software doesn’t require special training to use, but a dedicated account manager is always there to help if necessary.

We never nickel and dime you based on the number of profiles, add as many as you like. Our clients tell us they finally have a suitable tool to grow their directories year after year.

All Features

An expert system built from the ground up for the specific needs of universities and colleges

Advanced 'Google like' search

Users enjoy instant and relevant search results with features like autocomplete/autosuggest, acronym detection and spelling suggestions.

Robust profile manager

With the profile manager, you can create unlimited profiles and publish profile pages to your directory instantly. You can add, edit, delete or hide (example: health leave or sabbatical) profile pages and create private notes.

Multiple users

You can have as many logins as you wish for people to manage the directory via the profile manager.

Unlimited scaling

Our cloud hosted directories allow you to have unlimited searches and profiles (we never charge extra). 99.99% uptime.

Profile visibility/privacy controls

You can hide any profile by selecting the hide option on the profile page in the profile manager. Hidden profiles cannot be searched or viewed on your directory.

Filters and sorting

There are many ways to discover an expert. Search by area of expertise, department, faculty, institute, campus or name of faculty member. Our tool supports cross-appointed faculty.

Data and security

All communication with our service is encrypted (HTTPS). Directories do not store personal information like social security numbers or personal addresses.

Earned media and PR tool

With our online directory, you can create better stories by finding faculty for news, alumni and fundraising articles. It makes it easy to be found by journalists for an interview and by other researchers for collaboration and citation.

White label branding

Universities and colleges use their own branding. The directory sits on your domain, a subdomain like For users, the directory is part of your website.

Fully responsive, mobile first

All directory pages and the profile manager are responsive and can be used on mobile, desktop and tablets.

Download data at any time

Download profile data at any time, even if you decide to stop using a directory powered by Expertise Finder.

Analytics and reporting

Real time custom analytics give valuable insights about popular search terms, popular experts and more. Insights you need to build reports and refine your strategy.

Built using open source software

No vendor lock-in or expensive licensing. We pass those savings on to our clients.

SEO friendly

Profile pages are SEO optimized. This increases organic traffic from Google, Bing and other search engines, improves visibility score and increases rankings (page, keyword, domain).

Premium support

All customers get a dedicated account manager. Someone on your side to help set up, grow and train staff as needed.


You can request integration with HR and any other knowledge management system used by your institution. Integrations are optional and come at an additional cost.

Pricing for Universities, Colleges and Research Centers


Frequently Asked Questions about Experts Directories and Researcher Profiles

It’s a directory tool to help you manage and promote faculty and researchers to industry partners, research collaborators and journalists.

First, it is built from the ground up for the unique needs of universities and colleges. For example, where else do you encounter support for cross appointed faculty? Second, we have a search engine you can’t find elsewhere.

With our faculty expertise management and discovery software, institutions improve productivity and collaboration while promoting their university or college brand.

Tools that try to solve many different problems often deliver poor results. You need an experts directory built for universities/colleges.

Internally-built tools often fall short and are unable to stay up to date as technology changes.

To read all questions and answers, see the FAQ page

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